Account Creation

To gain access the online services, students need valid access credentials for the services in which they have an account at ISCTE-IUL.

The access credentials are composed of a username and password, in which "Username" corresponds the username associated with the user with at the end. For example:

Each user is responsible for their own credentials (not repeating passwords from personal accounts or others). The SIIC never ask for these.

See here the requirements which your password must obey.


The service Fénix+ allows certified users - students, teachers, researchers, non-teaching staff and applicants - of ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa to use various services and functions in order to simplify the everyday life of all those who study or work at the university.

Fénix offers its users various functions, such as, for example: assistance for students, summary management, release of grades, applications, schedules, enrollment, tuition payment, and room reservation, among others.

To access and learn more about this service, click here.

Service support page, available here.

E-mail and Office 365

The Project has the objective of standardizing the login process on the Iscte platforms for the entire academic community and implementing the platform Office 365.

The platform Office 365 allows the entire academic community to download and install Microsoft Office on multiple devices, including PC/Mac, tablets and smartphones. Furthermore, this platform provides users with various collaborative tools and unlimited access to onedrive.

This platform is currently used for all Institutional mail and collaborative work at Iscte and to those ends provides tools such as Sharepoint and Skype for Business. It has a unified global directory with more than 73,000 accounts which serves as the basis for communication and collaborative work between the entire Iscte community.

Access to institutional email can be found at the following address.

For more information see the SIIC website here.
In case of difficulty contact us.

Networks and Internet


Service of wired networks is available in offices, rooms and public spaces (auditoriums, laboratories, classrooms and study rooms).

Requesting access: Have your personal computer registered for using the Iscte networks.

This access is only for terminal equipment, and is not authorized for connection to network equipment or other similar things.

To request registration of the physical address of the network plate (MAC) of your computer, access Fénix, and under the Personal tab, select Registo de endereço MAC under Services.

For more information see the SIIC website here.
In case of difficulty contact us.


Iscte’s wireless network is a part of the eduroam network and can be used by any member of any institution that makes up a part of this network. In the same way, when members of Iscte visit other higher education institutions in the eduroam network in Portugal or abroad, they will be able to access their wireless networks without altering the configuration of their equipment.

The configuration of mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads or Androids, with the SSID "EDUROAM" can be done with the credentials for accessing services at Iscte (username and password).

For other mobile devices, there is an auto-configuration mode. Details on this mode can be found in the instructions at (students and other community members should select the option Iscte).

For more information see the SIIC website here.
In case of difficulty contact us.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Students can access the resources of Iscte from home through VPN (Virtual Private Networking), which establishes a secure tunnel connection between the personal computer and the network of Iscte.

By establishing a private virtual connection (VPN), the home computer behaves as if it were physically connected to Iscte. This way, a student can access to services whose subscription depends on the access happening at an IP address assigned to Iscte.

Among these services, one may find access to the content of many scientific research publications through the service b-on (of FCCN) and various databases.

One can also access other services, such as remote desktop, through the configuration of the Iscte VPN.

For more information see the SIIC website here.
In case of difficulty contact us.


Iscte has offered to the entire academic community a platform for managing teaching and learning (the platform e-learning), which allows for the management and distribution of academic content, as well as other functions of communication and evaluation, submission of work to teachers, and plagiarism detection, among others, complementing the in-person activities that occur at the university.

This tool can support pedagogical models developed in a technologically advanced work environment, which enables strong interaction between professor(s) and student(s), promoting collaborative learning as a method of acquiring and evaluating knowledge.

To access this service, click here.

For more information see the SIIC website here.
In case of difficulty contact us.

Digital Document Management Platform (only teachers and staff)

The Document Management system of Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, designed by edoclink, responds to the perceived necessity of optimizing the management and circulation of information in electronic format within the institution.

For more information see the SIIC website here.
In case of difficulty contact us.


For the development of academic work and research, the SIIC manages the processes of software licensing, making various softwares available for the community.

For more information see the SIIC website here.
In case of difficulty contact us.

Computer Laboratories

Iscte has 13 computer laboratories: 11 in zone D1 (in block D of floor 1 of Edifício II); 2 laboratories in zone 0S (in the South wing of floor 0 of Edifício I).

For more information see the SIIC website here.
In case of difficulty contact us.


Videoconferencing includes a combination of interactive communication technologies that allow simultaneous collaboration between two or more locations through video and audio transmission.

Videoconferencing is suitable to all situations of real-time collaboration in which two or more participants are geographically separated. Various activities can gain advantages through this technology:

  • Business meetings regarding national or international projects
  • Presentations of work at the end of a course
  • Jury meetings (master’s or doctorates)
  • Events with the participation of remote audiences
  • Events with speakers in remote locations
  • Distance classes

Iscte currently has two rooms with videoconferencing equipment.

In order to use these rooms at Iscte, please register a request on the Services Portal with information about the activity and contact details.

For more information see the SIIC website here.
In case of difficulty contact us.

Associated Online Communication and Collaboration Services (via FCCN)

Through the National Foundation for Scientific Computation (FCCN), SIIC provides a combination of services which Iscte users can access and consult, namely:

  • Collaborative Multimedia Environment "COLIBRI"
  • Filesender
  • Video Studio HD
  • Tejo and Douro Rooms for advanced HD Videoconferencing
  • Video-Diffusion (VD)
  • Video on Demand (VOD)

To learn more about these services, consult this page.

To obtain institutional access conditions, contact us.

Other Available Resources

In connection with other services and entities at Iscte, SIIC provides support systems and infrastructure to other resources essential to the development of academic activities, namely:

  • Information Resources (via the Iscte Library)
  • Databases (via the Iscte Library)
  • ISCTE-IUL Repository (via the Iscte Library)
  • Open Access Scientific Repository of Portugal (RCAAP) (via the Iscte Library)

Para saber mais sobre estes recursos consulte esta página.

Google Apps Iscte

Iscte users have at their disposal Google Apps for Education: a high-quality service provided freely by Google.

Each user is granted unlimited space for electronic mail and shared storage areas (Google Drive).

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