Cultural Groups

Tuna Académica of Iscte (TAISCTE)

Around for more than 20 years, TAISCTE prides itself on being a mixed tuna that fights to maintain the Academic Spirit and Tradition. Any student or alumnus of Iscte can join TAISCTE.

Iscte Choir

The Iscte Choir was started in October 2015, and is currently under the musical direction of maestro João Barros.

It is open to all the community members of Iscte (students, alumni, professors, researchers and staff), as well as to people without connection to the institution.

It rehearses regularly on Tuesday and Thursday between 13:00 and 14:30 in the Iscte facilities.


mISCuTEm is the theatre group of Iscte, which began in 2001.

VIVACE - Iscte Chamber Orchestra and Choir

VIVACE began performing in 2017 under the musical direction of maestro José Teixeira, who remains the group director.

All members of the Iscte community may contribute their musical talents to the group, whether they be students, alumni, teachers, researchers or other staff. The doors are open to everyone who wants to be part of this cultural project.

Orchestra and/or choir rehearsals are held regularly in Iscte's facilities, usually at the end of the day.

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