With a tradition of more than 45 years at Iscte, the Department of Social and Organizational Psychology (DPSO) is recognized as a site of excellence in education, research and intervention in Psychology.

The Department brings together a faculty of highly qualified professors and researchers who are internationally recognized and fully committed to both teaching and research, all of whom involved in the Centre for Social Research and Intervention (CIS). The group has broadened out of its strong tradition of research in social psychology, becoming an international competitor in other fundamental research domains (such as cognitive science and emotions), as well as in various areas of applied psychology (like health, the environment, child protection, education, community, intercultural relations and law). Thus, what distinguishes this group is its excellece and diversity.

The DPSO also has a reputation of innovation at the level of education, with unique master's and doctorate programmes within the country that reflect both the strong points and interests of the faculty as well as their belief in the educational value of giving research opportunities to students. At this moment, beyond the Bachelor's in Psychology (one of the most sought-after programmes of its kind in Portugal), we offer six Master's and Postgraduate programmes - Social and Organizational PsychologyCommunity Psychology, Protection of Children and Youth at RiskScience on EmotionsSocial Psychology of Health, Psychology of Intercultural Relations and Global Minds – and two doctoral programmes in Psychology funded by the FCT. From the moment their academic careers begin, the students of DPSO have the opportunity to participate in and conduct field and laboratory studies (in the Laboratory of Social and Organizational Psychology), utilizing knowledge of cutting-edge research paradigms and techniques.

The Department maintains strong relations with the community, augmenting the quality of its social and community development services and programmes, which contribute to well-being, increase social inclusion and combat inequalities.

It was for these reasons that with great pride I accepted the Direction of DPSO in July 2018, and committed myself to helping this group grow and develop their potentials. We hope to continue improving, and open this intellectually stimulating space to more students.

Please, accept our invitation and come to meet us. You will be welcomed!

Cecilia Aguiar

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