User Support

Online Support

The IT Infrastructures and Communications Services are available through their online contact point.

This service is exclusively for Iscte users, requiring authentication or a message sent from an Iscte account.

All service request and/or incidents are registered in the user support system for classification and ranking priority of response.

This contact point is designated in iAjuda and is available at, or through institutional electronic mail at

The access credentials to iAjuda are the same as the credentials for the other services associated with your Iscte account (for example, Fénix, e-Learning or mail).

In-person Support

Concurrent to its online support, SIIC provides in-person support to users, in the SIIC Attendance Room, C7.04, located on floor 7 of Edifício II, between 09:00 and 18:00.

The in-person support is available by appointment within 24 hours.

Telephone Support

Remote support is also offered through telephone contact:

  • (+351) 210 464 010 | ext.  29 10 00
  • ( +351) 911 749 573 Only for classroom and auditorium issues
  • Note: telephone attendance can have wait-time. In the case that you are not attended, make another attempt or use the online support resource via iAjuda. Alternatively, you may also contact the office through your institutional email by sending a message to
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