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6 Anos
14 jan 2020
Registo DGES
Registo inicial R/A-Ef 3372/2011 de 18-03-2011
Registo de alteração R/A-Ef 3372/2011/AL01 de 20-02-2020

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 Edifício Sedas Nunes (Edifício I), sala 2W08

(+351) 210 464 017

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Raquel António
Doing a PhD in Psychology at Iscte was a fundamental step towards consolidating and developing my scientific and research career. At Iscte, we have a group of excellent and experienced professors and international guests, as well as the support of the Department of Psychology, in particular, the Doctoral Program in Psychology, for the development of our work. Throughout my PhD, I was also able to integrate two research groups at CIS_Iscte, with frequent sessions in which I consolidated my learning and received feedback about my work. It was an enriching experience!
Nadine Correia
The PhD program in Psychology at Iscte was of great value to me. During the first year, I had the opportunity to acquire and develop crucial knowledge and competencies (e.g., scientific writing, data analysis) within a comprehensive, flexible, and diversified program taught by stimulating teachers and supervisors. From the very beginning, I integrated the CIS_Iscte research unit, which provided all the facilities and resources needed to conduct my research on a full-time basis (e.g., access to specific software and equipment). I also integrated the CED-Iscte research group, which gave me the opportunity to learn from experienced researchers and other PhD students, who stimulated my intellectual curiosity and with whom I built supportive relationships. During the PhD, I participated in several (inter)national scientific events, organized diverse training, and closely collaborated with other researchers and research projects (e.g., European projects). These experiences largely contributed to the successful development and conclusion of my PhD and provided a solid foundation to the development of my career (e.g., application approved for funding by FCT, within the Scientific Employment Stimulus). I strongly recommend Iscte and the PhD program in Psychology to those interested in acquiring the knowledge and competencies needed to engage in high-quality research.
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