Where can I find useful legislation?

The general legislation on the Special Competition for International Students is the Decree-Law no. 36/2014 of 10 March, which allowed foreign students to apply for undergraduate and integrated master's degrees in Portuguese higher education. However, it was replaced by the Decree-Law 62/2018 of 06 August (please find below the document - available only in Portuguese).

Those who apply for higher education for the first time enter a 1st cycle course, known as "Licenciatura", or in a 1st Integrated cycle course, called "Mestrado Integrado". This difference is related to the scientific and professional orientations of the courses. To better understand the cycles of studies offered by Portuguese Higher Education and its characteristics, international students interested in obtaining their first degree of higher education at Iscte should consult this page.

Before you apply under the International Student Statute (ISS), it is important that you inform yourself about the conditions of entry into Iscte. You should read carefully the Iscte regulation which governs the special contest of access and admission of international students to the frequency of 1st cycle courses (Reg. nº. 258/2014), as well as the International Student Tuition Regulation, applicable to 1st and 2nd cycle foreign applicants (Reg. nº. 273/2016). Both Regulations are available only in Portuguese.

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