How and when do I apply?

The application is online, on the academic platform Fenix, according to the application calendar, approved annually. To submit your application, please click here.


  • Digital photograph;
  • Copy of citizen card or equivalent legal document;
  • Proof of completion of secondary education, as well as all grades and averages obtained, the scale on which each grade was awarded, and the minimum and maximum value in each case;
  • Transcript of grades with all course units and grades;
  • Motivation letter (reasons for interest in the Iscte and the course you are applying for);
  • Proof of language proficiency, according to the language of instruction of the pprogramme for which you are applying (minimum level B1, of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) - not applicable to applicants from Portuguese/English speaking countries, as well as Spanish/Spanish speaking applicants;
  • Other documents requested in the scope of each programme.

Selection and seriation conditions

  • The final average mark (scale of 0 to 20) obtained in secondary school contributes 60% to the final classification;
  • The mark (scale of 0 to 20) obtained in the specific subject(s) in secondary education (considering the best solution for the student in case it is possible to enter through alternative subjects) contributes 40% to the final classification.
  • Final classification: results from the weighted average of points a) and b), presented on a scale of 0 to 20 and rounded to the nearest unit.
  • Admission of candidates: only candidates with a final mark of 10 or more (on a scale of 0 to 20) will be admitted.
  • Skills enhancement: Admitted candidates with a final classification and /or classification in the subjects referred to in point (b) below 13 values, as well as those with oral and/or written language proficiency in thresholds that hinder academic success, may be identified the need for reinforcement of fundamental skills of the study cycle, through prior attendance of curricular units indicated by the Application Review Committee.
  • Substitutes: Candidates not admitted due to lack of vacancies are designated as alternates and may be called in order of seriation, in case of withdrawal of admitted candidates.
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