Our commitment

Under the mission defined for SIGQ_Iscte, in the context of its educational, research and social outreach activities and respecting the limits and intrinsic opportunities in human and natural ecosystems, Iscte makes a commitment to: 

1. Involve, in an inclusive and participatory manner, the Iscte community and other stakeholders in defining, implementing and evaluating the actions leading to the improvement of the institution’s performance in the various dimensions of sustainability; 

2. Create, transmit and share academic knowledge related to sustainability in the fields of Management, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Quantitative Methods, Anthropology, Social Psychology, Sociology, History, Political Science and Public Policy, Information Technology and Architecture, training highly qualified professionals with the skills to understand their responsibilities and create opportunities for improvement, generating positive impacts on the environment, society, and the economy; 

3. Commit to environmental protection and respect the principles of social responsibility in the strategic plan and annual activity plans, enacting ethical and transparent conduct to fulfill the institution’s mission both locally and globally; 

4. Improve Iscte’s environmental impact, adapting the management of support processes and campus operations to reduce resource-use and the production of waste and emissions, preventing pollution and improving quality of life on campus; 

5. Manage the aspects of social responsibility and their respective impacts, undertaking actions  of control or influence; 

6. Fulfill and respect applicable legal requirements, as well as additional requirements that Iscte decides to support or implement in the various dimensions of sustainability; 

7. Continually evaluate and improve Iscte’s performance through monitoring measurable indicators and completing regular audits; 

8. Continually improve SIGQ_Iscte (quality, environment and social responsibility) to enhance its performance.

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