The Department of Architecture and Urbanism (DAU) is inserted at ISCTE-IUL, one of Portugal’s most dynamic and innovative universities. ISCTE-IUL is a multidisciplinary institution which covers various areas of knowledge, thus providing a rich set of opportunities that is unique in the country. 

The proximity to the science and information technologies, social and humanities sciences and economic sciences creates synergies that are enhanced both in teaching programs, like the MSc in Architecture, the Postgraduations, the PhD and short courses, and in the research carried out in the many research centres in the University. As a Research University, ISCTE-IUL has nine research centres where scientific research is developed in various fields of knowledge.

DAU’s scientific and pedagogical project is mainly based on the understanding of Architecture as a multidisciplinary area with a strong humanistic component. The insertion of DAU in the School of Technology and Architecture has fostered a deeper connection to the exploitation of information, computing and multimedia technologies, which becomes evident through the undertaken research; the academic offer; the existing infrastructures on digital fabrication (Vitruvius FabLab) and computer graphics.

The programme in Digital Architecture in partnership with the Faculty of Architecture – Porto University promotes this link between architecture and computer science.

The PhD and Master programme in Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories has a strong connection with social sciences and humanities and results of "the intersection of architecture, landscape architecture, public art and urban development. This approach comprehends the stimulus on the perception carried through by metropolitan phenomena and their contemporary culture.”

The Integrated Master of Architecture is founded on a convergence of several scientific areas that act on and with the design activity. Both practical and theoretical reflection are fomented in order to provide students with an informed, critical and autonomous thinking regarding the various dimensions of space.

DAU’s faculty is highly qualified and motivated, with recognized architecture practitioners teaching in all the degrees as well as academic teachers whose research is also recognized both nationally and internationally. We guarantee both innovation in the exploration of new technologies and cutting-edge techniques, and the skills to use traditional methods, both connected to the society, the city and the industry.

The teaching of architecture in ISCTE-IUL lives together with an academic campus of excellence designed by Raúl Hestnes Ferreira. Two of the four buildings were distinguished by the renowned architectural award Prémio Valmor: building ISCTE-IUL II / ICS (2002) and building INDEG (1993).

The future strategy of the institution and DAU includes: the promotion of a creative, participatory and innovative education; the will to train architects with skills to respond to the current trends of architecture and therefore be able to act in various areas of society; and the will to make education even closer to society and industry by establishing research partnerships.

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