Master Programmes

ISCTE is one of the most prestigious universities in Portugal, offering an exceptional range of courses in the areas of Management, Economics, Social Science, Public Policy, Architecture and Technology, across all levels of higher education. This wide range answers both the needs of market labour as well as the particular interests of students. In fact, ISCTE-IUL has a high average employability rate, close to 96%.

Supported by its high quality of faculty, it is strongly committed to developing new understanding through research and creativity in order to provide the best continuing education to its students and help strengthen teacher expertise.

Master students of ISCTE-IUL can participate actively in national and international research projects developed in the research units of the institute. At ISCTE-IUL, due to the level of its internationalization, quality and innovation, students have the opportunity to enjoy an exciting and multicultural life created by an international body of students!

Master Programmes (three to four semesters corresponding to 92 to 120 ECTS credits) include courses and a dissertation or project.

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Doctoral Programmes

ISCTE-IUL offers a great diversity of doctoral Programmes, covering a wide range of scientific areas, from the traditional to the more emergent ones. Some of these Programmes are offered in association with other universities, granting a double degree. Doctoral students of ISCTE-IUL participate actively in national and international research projects developed in the research centres of the university.

 The University Institute of Lisbon is renowned for the high quality and impact of its research across the world, mainly in the areas of Management and Economics, Sociology and Public Policy, Social Sciences and humanities, Information and Communication Technologies and Architecture.

It guarantees quality of education and impetus towards a culture of enterprise, innovation and the transfer of knowledge to society.

ISCTE-IUL has around 1000 researchers in its 8 research units (link para página Unidades de Investigação)

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