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Iscte is one of the most prestigious universities in Portugal, offering an exceptional range of courses in the areas of Management, Economics, Social Science, Public Policy, Architecture and Technology, across all levels of higher education. These courses have been crafted to address the interests of the student body, as well as the needs of the market. For this reason, Iscte graduates have a high employment rate, close to 96%.

For those interested in pursuing graduate education at Iscte, information on eligibility, documentation, deadlines and other topics relevant to the application process are available below.

Please note that each master and doctorate programme has specific admission requirements, as well as different deadlines and academic fees.

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Master Programmes

Iscte’s Master programmes provide students with education relevant to their future careers, be they academic or professional in nature. The university is constantly creating new programmes in response to emerging needs, ensuring that its graduates are prepared to address current challenges in the business world and society at large.

Master programmes at Iscte are typically four semesters long, and include academic courses and the realization of a dissertation or final project. The university offers programmes in English and Portuguese, and thus attracts students from around the world. Iscte is also committed to developing new knowledge through research led by its high-caliber faculty. Master students at Iscte can participate in these projects, joining international teams in the school’s research units. 

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Doctoral Programmes

Iscte offers a variety of doctoral programmes that cover a wide range of scientific areas, from traditional disciplines to newly-emergent fields. Many of these programmes are multidisciplinary in nature; in addition, some of these programmes are offered in association with other Portuguese or foreign universities, and therefore grant dual degrees.

All doctoral students at Iscte work within the national and international research teams in the university's 8 research centres. These centres support innovative projects, and collaborate with other universities to manage observatories dedicated to disseminating scientific knowledge. Through their institutional partnerships and commitments to research, the doctoral programmes at Iscte guarantee high-quality education, and foster a culture of enterprise and innovation.

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Post-Graduation Courses

For students seeking shorter-term programmes focused in specific areas, Iscte offers a breadth of Post-Graduation programmes. These courses typically span one to two semesters, and offer a diploma rather than a degree. They allow students who have completed at least their bachelor's to deepen their knowledge in specialized fields.

In addition, for professional executives looking to refine their skills in particular applied areas, Iscte also hosts Executive Master's programmes through INDEG-ISCTE.

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