Tuition is the cost of attendance which a student must pay in order to enroll. Tuition always corresponds to a single academic year. To this tuition fee, an enrollment fee is also added. This fee is the value due for academic participation, and should be paid in its entirety at the moment of request. It is not reimbursable.

Tuition: The tuition is linked to registration/enrollment, and not course attendance. This means that a student enrolled in stand-alone curricular units, a non-degree-conferring program, or undergraduate, master’s, or doctorate program who stops attending classes must still pay their respective tuition.

Disengagement from this payment only occurs when a formal withdrawal request is made, which has to be accepted following the duly outlined terms, under the penalty of cancellation. Students who default must pay not only the tuition cost, but also the interest upon this tuition cost.

Tuition by enrollment type:

  • Full-time: total tuition cost can be paid at one time or in 9 seperate payments (except for international students, for whom payment over time is not a possibility).
  • Part-time: 60% of the full-time tuition, to be paid at one time or in 9 seperate payments.

Fees: Other charges and fees must be paid in their entirety upon the moment of request, and cannot be reimbursed. No follow-up for a requirement or process will be given until the administrative services have proof of payment of the respective charge or fee.

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