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Increase of new customer registrations by the development of a goal-oriented customer journey and conception for the delivery of pre-sales customer experience

Nölle, Nikolai
Deutsche Telekom’s telephone and web conferencing solutions are in need for a new and strong differentiation. While the market almost reached the stage of maturity, Deutsche Telekom was constrained to act in order to extend the duration of growth. Therefore, new stimuli were necessary to strengthen the own market position In order to cope with the corporation’s strategy and following the claim of enthusing customers, a differentiation by customer experience is the ideal approach for the department’s challenge of defending market share. In fact, the objective of prospect recruitment was focused. Thereby the market is described as German market for professional telephone and web conferencing solutions. The customer experience has to be delivered across all customer touch points along the customer journey and customer lifecycle for a fully integrated experience provision. The market environment is quite contrary. While market trends are showing still a growth potential for the market, privacy and data security laws were complicating the project. The examination of the current touch points and sales channels showed sufficient results. While the sales channels are almost equally strong, with their own strengths and weaknesses, the amount of touch points is too large. In fact, unnecessary touch points have been neglected for the customer journey design. The deeper analysis of all touch points showed the importance of the website and hotline as major touch points. Within the assumption customer journey, at least one of both touch points is contacted not less than once. By the evaluation of expected and desired emotions concerning Telekom’s conferences, all answers described the fields of professionalism, customer-orientation, innovation, event and experience as well as humane. The outcomes of the touch point analysis should be validated by a customer survey. In addition, the survey had to deliver information about the customer behavior and professional backgrounds. Based on the results, prospects showed a high affinity for professional and reliable conferencing solutions, mainly in the range of telephone and web conferences. The subjects were mainly in an IT or communicative position in several branches. They had their first contact via own conferencing experience, recommendations or online research. They were demanding productivity and efficiency, optimization of labor time, cost advantages, security issues and the service offer. Their most requested information was about product features, prices and user manuals. Based on the information of the customer survey, the marketing strategy was developed. Thereby, Deutsche Telekom was positioned as a highly professional and reliable conferencing provider, with competences in customer service and customer relations. The differentiation was based on the delivery of customer experience across all touch points. The target group was described by five personas, the IT-specialist, the family manager, the fastidious marketer, the uncertain secretary and the secure sales man. In order to deliver the customer experience and the professional and reliable positioning, marketing activities were mainly based on PR and service excellence in terms of training, support and knowledge. Therefore, reliable and straight products with an innovative touch, perfectly trained staff members, and goal-oriented processes were necessary in order to support marketing communication and the experience delivery.




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