Investigação • 27 mar 2017
For those who walk on the waters of the sea

The project "Os Pescadores" is developed by Galateia - Edição e Produção Cultural, with research support by CRIA-IUL, and having as partners the Municipalities of Nazaré, Sesimbra, Setúbal, Montijo and Olhão as well as the support of the Mútua dos Pescadores (Fishermen Association).

The proposal is innovative and, through an acting performance research project on the Portuguese coast - based on the work 'The Fishermen' by Raul Brandão and on the work carried out in the communities of Nazaré, Montijo, Setúbal, Olhão and Sesimbra –, is intended to create a theater-documentary show: For those who walk on the waters of the sea.

What testimonies and images can we draw today, in light of the 21st century, on the history and stories of people and the sea? What coastal landscapes can be drawn and made visible? This project aims at contributing to strength the cultural identity of the country's coastline through the production of literary, film and dramatic/theatrical records, based in the tangible and intangible heritage associated with fishing and the sea.

The next shows are already scheduled, in each mentioned location. The first show will be in Nazaré, within the ‘Nazaré Marés de Maio’.

For more information: project website (  or CRIA.

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