Merit Scholarships in the ISCTE-School of Technology and Architecture doctoral programmes

The ISCTE-IUL School of Technology and Architecture has a scholarship programme of merit based scholarships for its Ph.D. students. These scholarships are intended to support the research work leading to the doctorate degree, to be carried out in a host research unit, as defined by the specific regulations of the Ph.D. programmes, allowing for the development of the scientific and pedagogical skills of the doctoral student.

The scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis in each academic year, and can be renewed for a maximum number of years equal to the full duration of the chosen doctoral programme. Only full-time students enrolled and registered for the first time in a doctoral programme at ISTA are eligible.

In the 2018 call for merit scholarships, the following scholarships will be awarded:

The evaluation of the applications is made considering the intrinsic merit of the applicant, of the research project and its plan for development and execution, and the conditions available in the host research unit, according the criteria defined in the public notice of the 2018 call.

Scholarship value

The scholarship has a monthly rate of € 1150 (one thousand one hundred and fifty euros). No food allowance, holiday or Christmas bonuses, or any others, are owed.


The application for the scholarship takes place simultaneously with the application for the doctoral programme. The applicant must send all required documentation for application process, as described in the public notice, by e-mail to 

The applications submission period occurs between March 19th 2018 and 5pm (Lisbon Time) September 10th 2018.

More information

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PhD Information Sciences and Technology and Complexity Sciences

PhD in Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories

Call for four scholarships - PhD Programme in Psychology 

Candidates admitted to the ISCTE-IUL PhD Programme in Psychology at ISCTE-IUL can apply for one of 4 four-year scholarships available for the academic year 2017/2018. The aim of these scholarships is to provide research support and promoting scientific and pedagogical skills for phd students. The Call N. º 1 /2017 can be found here.

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