Welcome to one of the most innovative higher education institutions in the country! Arriving at a new university partially resembles the arrival in a new country--it is important to establish priority contacts.

At Iscte, new researchers are integrated into one of the 8 research units where their research will be developed, individually or as part of a research team. The staff of the research units will provide the necessary support for this integration into the Institute, taking the steps to register necomers in Iscte's formal platforms and provide them access to services. The Research Support Office (RSO | gai@iscte.pt) will serve as a bridge and/or interlocutor in matters related to this integration.

Iscte provides a chain of services that facilitates integration into the university system, giving access to the physical and technological infrastructures available for developing research.


Iscte is strategically located in the centre of Lisbon. On its doorstep is an underground railway station as well as a large number of bus routes, allowing easy and fast access to any part of the city. Within short walking distance there is a wide choice of hotels, restaurants and shops, in addition to one of the largest sport and recreational centres in Lisbon. The airport is just a ten minute drive away.

The Iscte campus offers a wonderful atmosphere and facilities which include four buildings (45.000 m2), one of which is Building II, which opened in 2003 and received the Valmor Prize, Portugal’s foremost award for architectural excellence.

University Residence

The Iscte University Residence meets some of the accommodation needs of its visiting students and professors.

Located in the 17th-century Santos-o-Novo Monastery (classified as a National Monument) on a small hill by the river Tagus in Lisbon’s east end, the residence has a splendid view of the ocean and is a short distance from the central railway station of Santa Apolónia, as well as the traditional Portuguese neighbourhood of Alfama, Terreiro do Paço and downtown Lisbon. The new residential, retail and service area of Parque das Nações is also a short metro ride away. As there are generally more applicants than rooms available, it will not be possible to provide accommodation within the residence for all exchange students. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Campus Art, Culture and Sports

Iscte has different spaces and groups dedicated to fostering culture, art and sports. From exhibitions and lectures to concerts and theatre productions, Iscte offers a variety of event programming throughout the year.

University Library

Iscte University Library is a place where culture assumes several dimensions. It is an open and dynamic facility where all cultural expressions are welcome. 

  • Thematic Bibliographic Exhibitions
  • Library Talks
  • Book of the Month
  • Public book presentations
  • Cultural circles
  • Workshops
  • Music in the Library
  • Art in the Library
  • ‘4 decades, 4 movies’ cinema cycle
  • Other extracurricular and cultural activities

Contact: biblioteca@iscte.pt


The Iscte students' union (AEISCTE) is an autonomous organization, whose mission is to ensure that students' academic life is enhanced by social and cultural components. The students' union provides information about events held not only in Lisbon, but also in other cities of Portugal, including concerts, performing arts, film festivals and much more. 

Contact: aeiscte@iscte.pt


Iscte students and academic/research staff benefit from special conditions of access to sports facilities. Lisbon University Stadium (EUL), one of the largest sports centres in Lisbon, offers football and rugby pitches, running tracks, swimming pools and fitness gyms, among other things.

Contact: geral@eul.mctes.pt

The AEISCTE also offers a wide range of sports activities such as handball, badminton, basketball, football, swimming, rugby and volleyball. In addition, the Association promotes a series of initiatives that extend to a variety of other sports, and bikes can be rented to explore the city.


“mISCuTEm” created in 2001 is ISCTEIUL's theatre group, with staging and actors' direction by Ana Isabel Augusto. Registration for the mISCuTEm - Theatre Group Iscte opens in September.

Contact: miscutem@gmail.com

Iscte has an exhibition room on campus in Building II, Floor 1,that holds several exhibitions dedicated to different themes all year round.

Contact: eventos@iscte.pt

Language courses

Portuguese language courses are offered, in both semesters, to all international exchange and visiting students who want to improve their Portuguese for academic or personal reasons, which lead to certificate of Portuguese as a Foreign Language. Please contact the Soft Skills Laboratory (lct@iscte.pt). For other foreign languages, the contact should be Language and Company (by email: atendimento@languageandcompany.pt or at Iscte, Building I (Sedas Nunes), Office 0W7.

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