academic year 2018/2019

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Undergraduate programmes | Internacional Student
1st15-01-2018 to 18-02-201805-03-201805-03-2018 to 11-03-3018
2nd19-02-2018 to 01-04-201823-04-201823-04-2018 to 29-04-2018
3rd02-04-2018 to 27-05-201811-06-201811-06-2018 to 17-06-2018
4th28-05-2018 to 15-07-201830-07-201830-07-2018 to 05-08-2018
Master, PhD and e post-graduation programmes | ESPP, ECSH and ISTA
1st12-02-2018 to 29-04-201814-05-201814-05-2018 to 20-05-2018
2nd21-05-2018 to 01-07-201816-07-201816-07-2018 to 22-07-2018
3rd23-07-2018 to 02-09-201817-09-201817-09-2018 to 23-09-2018
Master programmes | IBS
1st01-02-2018 to 28-02-201812-03-201812-03-2018 to 18-03-2018
2nd19-03-2018 to 15-04-201823-04-201823-04-2018 to 27-04-2018
3rd28-04-2018 to 31-05-201811-06-201811-06-2018 to 15-06-2018
4th16-06-2018 to 26-08-201831-08-201831-08-2018 to 05-09-2018
PhD programmes | IBS
1st12-02-2018 to 29-04-201814-05-201814-05-2018 to 20-05-2018
2nd21-05-2018 to 01-07-201816-07-201816-07-2018 to 22-07-2018
3rd23-07-2018 to 02-09-201817-09-201817-09-2018 to 23-09-2018

(1) The above mentioned does not relieve careful consultation of the specific schedules available at our website (programme pages).
(2) Appeals can be filed within 5 working days of the date of publication of results; enrolments resulting from satisfied appeals should take place in the 2 working days following the decision.
(3) The opening of the next application phase is conditional on the existence of vacant places.
(4) Programmes with vacant places outnumbering candidates can initiate the next application phase immediately after the end of the preceding application phase.


  • School of Social Sciences (ECSH) 50€
  • School of Sociology and Public Policy (ESPP) 50€
  • School of Technology and Architecture (ISTA) 50€

Applicants admitted to courses of the following schools ECSH, ESPP and ISTA, who conclude registration and enrolment in the first application phase, can deduct the application fee in the tuition (first payment).

ISCTE Business School (IBS)

First phase 50€
Second phase 70€
Third phase 100€
Fourth phase 150€


  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copies of qualifications certificates and respective classifications
  • Digital photo
  • Copy of citizen card (or equivalent)
  • Copy of fiscal card (or equivalent)
  • Other documents requested by the programme


  • Digital photo
  • Copy of citizen card (or equivalent)
  • Copies of qualifications certificates and respective classifications
  • Other documents requested by the programme

Please note:

Holders of certificates issued by foreign higher education institutions must ensure that the documents submitted in the application:

  • Refer the classification obtained to conclude the degree and respective scale.
  • Are complemented by a supporting document that reads the courses that were taken to complete the degree, respective classifications and length of the programme.
  • Are complemented by a certified translation, whenever these documents are produced in a language other than Spanish, French, English or Italian.
  • The application will not be considered if the submitted documents do not uphold these conditions.
Is it possible to submit my application in person?

No. The application is done exclusively online through the platform, FÉNIX. Exceptions are the following: over 23 years-old regime, change of pair institution/programme, technical programmes, readmission.

Are applicants from Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP) considered international students?

According to the legislation, this status also applies to applicants from the PALOP. However, applicants to ISCTE-IUL master degrees who are PALOP nationals, by deliberation, pay the corresponding tuition fee as national student. Currently, PhDs are not considering the status.

Is the tuition fee for international students different from the one applied to the remaining students?

Yes. Please access the relevant information in the programmes’ pages or through here.

Can applicants who have not concluded their undergraduate degree apply to an ISCTE-IUL master?

Yes. Applicants in this situation have until September to conclude the degree.

Users without an account

All applications to ISCTE-IUL programmes are done through a central online applications platform. To access this platform and start your application, please fill in your e-mail in the form below.

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users with an ISCTE-IUL account?

If you already have access to FÉNIX, please log in and create your application in the "Candidacies" portal.


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