Logótipo da A3ES

6 Anos
04 jun 2019
Registo DGES
Registo inicial R/A-Ef 1064/2011 de 18-03-2011
Registo de alteração R/A-Ef 1064/2011/AL01 de 20-08-2014


Catarina Delgado
 Ala Autónoma, Gabinete 236

Período de aulas

Ínicio 13 set 2021
Fim 14 mai 2022

Propinas estudantes UE (2021/2022)

1.ºAno 5750.00 €
2.ºAno 1600.00 €

Propinas estudantes fora da UE (2021/2022)

1.ºAno 7000.00 €
2.ºAno 2800.00 €
Leccionado em Inglês

Plano de Estudos para 2021/2022

1º Ano
Gestão do Marketing
6.0 ECTS
Liderança e Gestão de Recursos Humanos
6.0 ECTS
Métodos Quantitativos
6.0 ECTS
Estratégia, Planeamento e Controlo
6.0 ECTS
Logística e Operações
6.0 ECTS
Economia para Gestores
3.0 ECTS
Ética, Responsabilidade e Sustentabilidade Empresarial
3.0 ECTS
Optativas > Contabilidade
Optativas > Contabilidade
Optativas > Finanças
Optativas > Livre
Optativas > Livre
Optativas > Livre
2º Ano
Seminário de Investigação em Gestão
6.0 ECTS
Dissertação em Gestão de Empresas
54.0 ECTS
Trabalho de Projeto em Gestão de Empresas
54.0 ECTS

Optativas recomendadas

Optional courses will only be held if they achieve a minimum number of enrollments.

1st semester

02670 | Financial Accounting and Reporting (6ects) (IBS | Cont)

2nd semester

01056 | Doing Business Internationally (IBS | GG)

02669 | Managerial Accounting (6 Ects) (IBS | Cont)

M0633 | Negotiation and Conflict Management (3 Cred.) (IBS | GG)

M1629 | Corporate Finance (Mge) (IBS | Fin)


  • Transmitting knowledge about central topics in management sciences, in a theoretical and practical application approaches;
  • Developing competences in soft skills areas, with a special focus on leadership;
  • Endowing students with research methodologies, procedures, and techniques, which enable them to develop their research projects with a high degree of autonomy. 

Goal 1 - Display effective written communication skills, including the following aspects: produce a well-structured document; demonstrate that the key messages have been clearly identified; express theoretical arguments to a specific application; summarize ideas and conclusions.

Goal 2 - Display effective oral communication skills, including the following aspects: select the appropriate format for a given presentation; demonstrate confidence and that the communication was well-prepared; develop and make presentations with impact.

Goal 3 - Develop critical thinking skills, including the following aspects: select and interpret relevant data and references from academic and non-academic sources; identify and debate ethical issues in business and management; formulate well-supported conclusions or solutions, apply appropriate methodologies or formulas to analyze and assess business issues and problems.

Goal 4 - To understand the roles of general and strategic management in companies including the following aspects: understand and assess the role of strategy and strategic management in international companies; analyze the external and internal contexts of a company for strategic purposes; understand the role of management functional areas in the strategic process.

Goal 5 - Our graduates will understand that HR management and leadership are key for leveraging people as key players in organizations including the following aspects: understanding and assess HR issues in organizations; understand and assess leadership theories and approaches in organizations.

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