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In 2016, the ISCTE-IUL was featured in the Times Higher Education in the position 601-800 and it was ranked in the Top 150 of Young Universities Worldwide. This list includes the world’s best universities that are aged 50 years or under.

In 2017, the ISCTE-IUL not only kept its global position, but also improved its score in three of the five Pillars of this ranking: research, citations and international outlook (see figure below). This demonstrates our growing ability to attract international students from all over the world and the commitment with our internationalization strategy

Within the 9 Portuguese Universities featured in this ranking, the ISCTE-IUL was ranked 4th in the areas of teaching and research.


About this ranking

The university ranking of Times Higher Education (THE), founded in 2004, provides a ranking of the world's top 1000 universities, assessed through teaching, research, citation, international perspective, reputation and industry income. This is considered one of the most important, high profile international rankings to assess higher education institutions.

This ranking evaluates 1,200 universities from 88 countries and analyses 51 million citations to 11.3 million academic journal articles (from Elsevier’s Scopus database) published over a five-year period.

This ranking is generated from five Pillars assessed through 13 performance metrics, which represent key areas of higher education excellence.



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Last update: September 2017

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