Departamento de História (DH)

The Department of History teaches courses at Iscte in the fields of History, International Relations and Museum Studies, and currently includes 10 full-time scholars, enjoying also frequent collaborations with other full- and part-time collegues. These individuals form a highly qualified faculty that consists entirely of PhDs with extensive teaching and research experience.

Departamento de Ciência Política e Políticas Públicas (DCPPP)

The Department of Political Science and Public Policy (DCPPP) was established in 2010 as a part of the School of Sociology and Public Policy (ESPP), bringing together the fields of Political Science, African Studies, Human Geography, Public Policy, and Social Work, which belonged formerly to the Department of Sociology. The new department was the result of both the strategic plan of Iscte – University Institute of Lisbon and the university's recognition of the volume and quality of work produced in these areas in both teaching and research.

Departamento de Métodos de Pesquisa Social (DMPS)

The Department of Social Research Methods covers three scientific areas: Social Research Methods, Statistics and Data Analysis applied to the Social Sciences and Demography. The faculty is largely made up of sociologists with substantial teaching and research experience, as reflected in their large numbers of national and international scientific publications. 

Departamento de Sociologia (DS)

The Department of Sociology, with its more than 40 professors, coordinates the Bachelor's in Sociology, nine Master's (one in Sociology and eight in other specializations of social studies: communication, education, science, family, migration, labour and health), as well as the PhD in Sociology and around ten postgraduate courses.

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