International • 16 Jan 2024
1st phase of application - Academic Year 2024/2025

1st Phase of application - Academic Year 2024/2025

Erasmus+ Programme (mobility with grant) and International Cooperation Protocols (mobility without grant), mobility for studies.

Have you already submitted your application?

Don’t forget that you have until the 7th of February to apply.

We inform you that new partner Universities have been added to the list available for this phase.


  • (Social Sciences): Universidad de Granada (Spain)
  • (Sociology and Public Policy): Europa-Universität Flensburg (Germany) | Nantes Université (France) | Universidad de Granada (Spain)
  • (Business School): Universidad ICESI (Colombia) | Association Léonard de Vinci (France) | Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) | Universidad de Granada (Spain)
  • (Tecnology and Architecture): Association Léonard de Vinci (France) | Università IUAV di Venezia (Italy) | Universidad de Granada (Spain)
  • (Aplied Digital Tecnologies): Universidad ICESI (Colombia) | Europa-Universität Flensburg (Germany) | Association Léonard de Vinci (France) | Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) | Universidad de Granada (Spain)

Check the list of Universities (only PT) and more information at Mobility step by step.

Applications in the Fénix+ system > “Applicant” > “Applications” > “Erasmus Outgoing - Studies”.

If you have already submitted an application and wish to change it, you should contact us immediately, by e-mail to


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