Pre-university students • 06 Dec 2019
Master’s and Post-graduation at Iscte: the future is here

The third Iscte Master’s and Postgraduate Fair happened today at the university. Organized by the four schools - Iscte Business School (IBS), the School of Social and Human Sciences (ECSH), the School of Sociology and Public Policy (ESPP) and the School of Technology and Architecture (ISTA) - the fair has as its principal objective to display the variety of academic paths that students may undertake, as well as to provide personalized advice to students that want to pursue their Master’s at Iscte.

To Fábio Maltês, about to finish his graduation in Management at Iscte Business School, going to the Iscte Master’s and Postgraduate Fair was “a way of making the most informed choice” for his future. Although still considering it, Fábio believes he will pursue in the new Master’s in Data Science, and wants to pursue studies in Iscte “for the open spirit of the teachers” and because he “loves this university.”

Sara Nunes, on her last year of the undergraduate programme in Sociology, went to the Fair to gain a clearer idea about her future prospects. Although she still has doubts on whether to keep studying Sociology or start studying Anthropology in ECSH, Sara states that “due to the teaching quality, the plan is to keep on studying in Iscte,” and isn’t opposed to the idea of “joining a research project at Iscte, if possible.”

Finishing his degree in Political Science is Miguel Pereira, a student at ESPP, who went to the Master’s and Postgraduate Fair to decide what to do and assess the advantages of continuing to study at Iscte. “My first choice is to stay here, my place,” says Miguel with no hesitation, mostly due to his desire to work with public policy in a more practical way, and “because Iscte adds value to your future”.

Tiago Neves, who studies Computer Science and Business Management at ISTA, wants to do a Master’s in Computer Science and Business Management at the same school. The Fair was an opportunity to “clarify questions and to have more direct contact.” Tiago wants to pursue further studies at Iscte for continuity “and mostly because the undergraduate experience has been good, in the ambience, the teaching quality and the connection to the teachers.”

Pursuing a Master’s or a Postgraduate degree at Iscte is, in the students’ eyes, a way of building a solid and credible professional future

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