Institutional • 16 Mar 2021
Athena – University Goes Digital for a Sustainable Global Education

The kick-off meeting of the Athena Project took place on 15 March 2021, financed by the Erasmus + Program, and coordinated by Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa.

The project partners are also Gustave Eiffel University (France), the University of Florence (Italy), Sigmund Freud University (Austria), and the company WebWise (Portugal). As associated partners the project counts with the participation of Microsoft, the Francophone University Agency (AUF) and three other Universities: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, University of Santiago and École Supérieure des Sciences Économiques et commerciales de Tunis.

The purpose of the Project University Goes Digital is to improve digital skills of university teachers, to reinforce their capacity to respond the challenges Universities are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic or will face on future similar challenges. With active involvement of  lecturers and students, ATHENA project will create, test and implement innovative digital practices, using technologies to create new pedagogical approaches and achieve better learning and teaching experiences. The project seeks to foster cooperative learning environments, making them transformative and inclusive through the effective adoption of new technologies, such as e-learning, gaming platforms, virtual and augmented reality, systematically modelled to activate key competencies in digital learning. The project will create templates that lecturers can adopt and adapt to their classes, using different pedagogical approaches. It will be a toolkit that includes ebooks, videos, games, quizzes, AR and AI.

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