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ISCTE-IUL in the 90 seconds of science 2017
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Various researchers ISCTE-IUL researchers participated, throughout 2017, in the 90-seconds of science radio broadcast that seeks to 'give a voice' to researchers across the country and in all scientific areas.

Click on the links to listen to each of the episodes.



Episode 79: European fund support to enterprises helps to create more and better jobs

Ricardo Paes Mamede (Dinâmia'CET-IUL)

10 March 2017



Episode 139: SPLASH Project examines the impact of people's behaviour on the sustainability of the city they inhabit

Teresa Marat-Mendes (Dinâmia'CET-IUL)

2 June 2017



Episode 141: What is the impact of women in senior management positions on the economic value of companies?

Helena Isidro (BRU-IUL)

6 June 2017



Episode 152: Finding solutions to good groundwater management

Catarina Roseta Palma (BRU-IUL)

21 June 2017



Episode 167: Use and perception of older people about mobile phones helps marketing decision-makers

Paula Vicente (BRU-IUL)

12 July 2017



Episode 193: European project provides materials and training to combat female genital mutilation

Ricardo Falcão (CEI-IUL)

17 August 2017



Episode 197: To what extent has the crisis shaped the lives of young people in the last eight years?

Magda Nico (CIES-IUL)

23 August 2017



Episode 220: "The theatre in the neighbourhood" studies the relationship of theatre companies with the communities in which they are inserted

Vera Borges (Dinâmia-Cet-IUL)

25 September 2017



Episode 260: Project uses virtual reality to better tailor buildings to the needs of the elderly

Sara Eloy (ISTAR-IUL)

21 November 2017



Episode 281: Study analyses virtual and textual patterns in Portuguese user profiles in tinder

Rita Sepúlveda (CIES-IUL)

20 December 2017

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