Research • 18 Apr 2017
New digital assistant IRINA in test
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The new digital assistant in the area of ​​health and active aging began in March - IRINA. Developed in Portugal, Sweden and Hungary, it aims to improve communication between elderly people, their families and caregivers.

According to Lázaro Ourique, a researcher at ISTAR-IUL, "IRINA is a digital assistant that allows the elderly to be more independent and provides support for a safer, healthier and more organized life, while at the same time aims to bring them closer to their families by facilitating access to the new digital media."

Its main objective is to support the elderly in their daily activities, facilitate communication with their families, and simplify the collection of data related to their health - blood pressure, glucose levels, weight, etc. and its communication to caregivers in the health area, such as doctors and nurses.

IRINA was developed by the OLA - Organizational Life Assistant project and its application is the responsibility of Comfort Keepers, Liquid Media and Bay Zoltán NonProfit Ltd. for Applied Research, with the technical coordination of ISTAR-IUL's Digital Living Spaces group (ISCTE- IUL), by Miguel Sales Dias, and the administrative coordination of INOVA +.

The OLA project aims to meet the challenges of today's society by offering an innovative Organizational Life Assistant (IRINA), a virtual presence that helps caregivers provide high quality personalized assistance. IRINA seeks to facilitate the interaction between the elderly, their family and other services or professionals in the health area.

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