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6 Years
30 Jul 2020
Accreditation DGES
Initial registry R/A-Ef 260/2012 de 06-09-2012
Update registry R/A-Ef 260/2012/AL01 de 04-06-2015
School of Sociology and Public Policy
Sedas Nunes Building (Building I), room 1E03
(+351) 210 464 015
9:30 - 18:00
Lectured in Portuguese
Teaching Type In person
The Master's Degree in Social Work develops the scientific, technical and relational skills of its students, qualifying them as professionals for intervention in contemporary social questions and problems in national and international arenas.

The objectives of the master's programme are 

  • To deepen knowledge in Social Work in the field of theory and research methodology;  
  • To apply theories and tools that facilitate Social Work's understanding and resolution of contemporary social problems;
  • Develop a research project in Social Work that innovates professional practice and produces scientific knowledge that integrates the design of public/social policies;
  • To experience scientific and theoretical-methodological competences in order to promote studies and research in Social Work; 
  • Provide the development of critical, reflective and analytical thinking in intervention, within the framework of research and knowledge production in Social Work.

The predominant area of knowedge in this course is that of Social Work. The educational programme is oriented towards the study of Human Rights, Social Work, Social Intervention Ethics, Fundamentals of Social Work and International Social Work. Within the framework of Intervention in Social Work, the programme provides in-depth knowledge about Contemporary Social Inequalities, Family and Social Protection Policies and Design, Management and Evaluation of Public Policy.

On the level of research methodology, this course focuses on the teaching of research methods and techniques oriented towards the production of knowledge in the scientific domain of Social Work.

Aditional Information

Erasmus+ IHES: Inclusive Higher Education Systems for students with intellectual disabilities. For more information please visit the Official Website or the Facebook page of the project.

We present the Erasmus Mundus: European Joint Master in Social Work with Children and Youth (ESWOCHY) whose website is:   Applications now open

Message from Prof. Annamaria Campanini, President of the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW), on World Social Work Day 2024

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Pablo Álvarez

General information

2 years
Teaching Type
In person
2023-12-18 00:01 - 2024-01-31 17:00
2024-02-01 00:01 - 2024-03-20 17:00
2024-03-21 00:01 - 2024-05-15 17:00
2024-05-16 00:01 - 2024-07-10 17:00
1.stYear 1500.00
2.ndYear 1250.00
1.stYear 3400.00
2.ndYear 1850.00
* Information for 2024/2025
School of Sociology and Public Policy
Sedas Nunes Building (Building I), room 1E03
(+351) 210 464 015
9:30 - 18:00
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