Investigação • 15 mai 2018
Ana Caetano won the prize 'Best Qualitative Book written in Spanish or Portuguese'
Ana Caetano

'Thinking in Life: biographies and individual reflexivity' (in Portuguese) written by Ana Caetano, a researcher at CIES-IUL, was published in 2016 by Mundos Sociais. This book reflects how each one of us thinks and acts in life, making us unique.

This work, developed in her doctoral thesis, under the supervision of António Firmino da Costa, recently won the prize for 'Best Qualitative Book written in Spanish or Portuguese' awarded by the International Institute for Qualitative Inquiry, which, she says, is the 'recognition of my work within the scope of qualitative research (...) another reason for great satisfaction is the fact that this award distinguishes a text published in Portuguese. In a context of absolute hegemony of the English language in the academic context, I think this is a privilege.’

Listen to the interview (audio in Portuguese)!

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