Investigação • 15 mar 2017
Innovative research on light fields highlighted by the European research network COST

A case of success was highlighted in the research project developed by the Institute of Telecommunications of Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (IT-IUL) whose main objectives are to create new tools for the processing of light fields, also known as plenoptic or holoscopic content; the development of efficient codecs for this type of content; as well as an application for the creative manipulation of light fields for end users.

In this type of content, besides the light intensity, information is also captured on the direction of the light rays that reach the sensors of the cameras, enabling many creative decisions to be made after the content is captured, for example choosing which areas of the images will appear focused.

The event "Inspiring researchers, reinforcing Europe - Portugal in the spotlight" was organized by the COST European research network, highlighting the work developed by Caroline Conti, PhD student at IT-IUL and a member of the LIFESYS project team, coordinated by Paulo Rodríguez-Peña, the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Carlos Moedas, the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor and President of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, Paulo Ferrão.

The "COST Action 3D-ConTourNet", coordinated by Pedro Assunção of IT-Leiria, has developed, in partnership with IT-IUL, a set of projects and initiatives in this area of research, among which the international 3DTV-CON conference 2015 - "Immersive and Interactive 3D Media Experience over Networks" and COST training school 3D-AVCOM 2015 - "3D Audiovisual Content Processing and Communications".

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