Investigação • 15 fev 2017
Activism. ‘Rebels’ with a cause

We all have a dream. A dream where human rights are respected, where children do not starve to death, where women are treated decently, homosexuals are not discriminated against, where justice is fair… These dreams must become true and that is the activists’ mission as they foster change in contexts of injustice, inequality and inhumanity.

A group of researchers working at Centro de Estudos Internacionais do ISCTE-IUL, along with a few partner institutions, set up ‘Activisms in Africa’. This action is an idea that became a long-term project. The international conference gathered researchers, activists, field experts, artists, NGO and associations representatives directly dealing with populations in Africa and Portugal; presently, initiatives are multiplying and the network for activism in Africa is pledging to keep this matter in hand.

Once a month, a few dozen people have been meeting at Largo Café Estúdio, Intendente,  to discuss different subjects raised by the screening of a documentary, commented by an expert who stimulates the discussion. The Activisms in Docs programme is scheduled from March through December 2017, on that location, and several other initiatives are planned in order to build a research network.

This expanding group of researchers and partner institutions is already working on the medium-term establishment of an Observatory for change policy and restoring human right defence justice and equity, while promoting knowledge transfer and synergies for future actions.

All information on initiatives promoted by Activisms in Africa is available here.


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