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In 2019, Iscte was ranked 689st in the global ranking from 3400 universities ranked. On a national level, Iscte was ranked 14st among Portuguese higher education institutions.

Iscte has been improving its position every year in the indicators related to Research performance and it is currently ranked 401st in the world rank.

On the Innovation outputs indicator, Iscte is ranked 458 in the global rank. In the Societal Impact indicator, which measures web visibility, Iscte in ranked 231 in the world rank.


Iscte in the global ranking


About this ranking

The SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) is an academic and research-related ranking that combines three different indicators based on research performance (50%), innovation outputs (30%) and societal impact (20%). These indicators are measured by the visibility of the institution on the web using the Scopus database.


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Last update: April 2019

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