International Cooperation


One of Iscte's primary development priorities is its commitment to internationalization. The Institution has continually involved itself in initiatives that pursue the increasing globalization of teaching, research and innovation. Through these initiatives, Iscte has defined a strong and lasting alliance policy that promotes its overall competitiveness as a global university.

Iscte's international cooperation efforts include integration into networks and inter-university consortiums, participation in a considerable number of European education, training and research programmes, support of student, teaching and non-teaching staff mobility, and involvement in innovative partnership courses.

To these ends, Iscte maintains approximately 450 general and specific protocols of cooperation with Higher Education Institutions in a variety of countries, in particular the European Union member states, Australia, Brazil, China, India, the United States of America and the Portuguese-speaking African countries (PALOPs).

The cooperation of Iscte with other universities is also made visible in its awarding of cross-national degrees such as the European doctorate, as well as other doctorates and master degrees under joint supervision.

At Iscte, the department reponsible for the development of internationalization strategy is the Office of International Relations (IRO), which ensures coordination and cooperation on a global scale.

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