Asiya Lapatnikova
I joined the ISCTE-IUL because it is an excellent opportunity to enrich your international experience, better your professional level, know the business mechanisms from another side and of course make new contacts with colleagues and professors from all over the world. The MSc programme has a very dynamic and friendly atmosphere, that fact makes you enjoy and be proud of studying here. I would definitely recommend ISCTE-IUL!
Zhou Yueling
I have been studying at ISCTE-IUL for 6 months. I feel that I have really gained a lot during this period of time. Six months ago Human Resources Management (HRM) was a totally new field for me. I still remember our first class in Advanced Human Resources Management Systems. This course was very challenging because it involved a lot of group work. The individual thesis was also challenging considering I felt difficulty in maintaining the pace in this course. I needed time to adapt to the environment in Lisbon and become familiar with the new study model here....But luckily, I adapted to it quickly and I gradually found it easier for me to understand the lectures, become more familiar with human resources management and understand the connections among different courses. From my experience, I would suggest to others to not be afraid of changes and new things. I would also highlight how being optimistic and trying to adapt to new situations quickly is just a matter of time. Don't be afraid of your oral English, just speak if you want, and try to take part in the group work and activities. Especially for us who study HRM, knowing how to communicate with people is very important.
Sebastian Mertens
In my opinion, the experience of studying at ISCTE-IUL is highly valuable as both multicultural understanding and international management skills are becoming increasingly important to employers. The Master Program in Human Resources Management balances theory and practical relevance perfectly, and promotes team work and "out-of the-box” thinking at the same time. Given the highly qualified and committed professors, as well as the regular knowledge exchange with business professionals, I feel best prepared for the challenges of today’s international business world.
Anne Hjortsholm
Studying at ISCTE-IUL has been a great privilege. The programme is very well designed, challenging and has a broad coverage of the business field. As a student, you will be taught how to strive for excellence by dedicated professors. This master will thus not only provide you with a competitive degree, it will prepare you to excel in a global context.
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