Academic Year 2019-2020
Stand-alone Courses
Action From To How
1st and 2nd semester enrollments

The beginning of the enrollment period was changed to 26-08-2019

03-09-2019 Fénix/In person

Action From To How
Applications 02-05-2019 31-07-2019 Fénix
Enrollment --- 13-09-2019 Fénix
Enrollment for 2nd year and repeaters 29-07-2019 06-09-2019 Fénix


Grade Improvement and Resitting Exams 
Action From To How
Second grade improvement period for semester 1

Up to 2 working days before the exam

Second grade improvement period for semester 2
Enrollment for resitting exams 08-07-2020 12-07-2020 In person


Dissertation and Final Project
Action From To How
Re-enrollment in dissertation and approval of advisor and dissertation topic 07-10-2019 29-11-2019 Fénix
Registration of both advisor and topic* --- 29-11-2019 Fénix/In person
Submission --- 30-09-2020 In person
Request for extension of deadline 01-10-2020 13-10-2020 In person
Submission with extended deadline --- 31-10-2020 In person

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