The Instituto Universitário de Lisboa recognizes its institutional responsibility in promoting sustainability in its environmental, social and economic dimensions. Within the scope of the mission defined in the Internal Quality Management System (SIGQ-IUL), in the context of its teaching and learning activities, research and interaction with Society, Iscte aims to:

  1. Involve, in an inclusive and participative way, the Iscte community and other stakeholders in the definition, implementation and evaluation of actions for the improvement of its environmental and social performance;
  2. Create, transmit and share scientific knowledge related to the Environment and Sustainability among several scientific areas such as Management, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Quantitative Methods, Anthropology, Social Psychology, Sociology, History, Political Science and Public Policy, Information Technology and Architecture. This will allow highly qualified professionals to better understand their responsibilities and create opportunities for improvement thereby providing a positive impact on the environment, society and the economy;
  3. Take into account environmental protection practices during the strategic planning and annual activity plans, including pollution prevention measures within all activities, from a local and to a global level;
  4. Improve environmental impact by adjusting the management systems, processes and campus operations to reduce consumption (e.g., office supplies, energy and water) and the generation of waste and emissions, while enhancing the living environment on campus;
  5. Comply with all legal requirements and other regulations endorsed in the areas of environment, sustainability and social responsibility;
  6. Assess and continuously improve environmental and sustainable performance by implementing measurable performance indicators and conducting regular audits;
  7. Continuously improve the Environmental Management System (EMS) for the improvement of its environmental performance.
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