Welcome to the School of Sociology and Public Policy (ESPP) at Iscte. ESPP includes some of the departments established at Iscte's founding, which have been pivotal in the development of the Social Sciences in Portugal.

The School has around 2000 students in the 40 courses it offers, including four bachelor's programs (in Sociology, Political Science, Modern and Contemporary History and Social Work, with an optional branch in Public Policy), nineteen Master's courses (four lectured in English), and ten doctoral courses. It also offers more than 30 postgraduate programs, in these areas as well as in Humanitarian Action, Public Administration, Communication, Cultural Studies, African Studies, International Studies, Social Research Methods and Public Policy.

The priorities of ESPP are as follows: to maintain a set of course offerings connected to innovation strategies, to promote the linkage between teaching and the research produced in its research units, to carry out knowledge-based activities of economic and social value in interaction with the community, and to encourage the international participation of students, teachers, and researchers.

The scientific and pedagogical quality of the courses at ESPP is supported by its highly skilled faculty, who help to produce qualified professionals who are able to analyze, understand and intervene knowledgably in major challenges and problems that face contemporary societies.

Helena Carvalho

School Director

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